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HydraFacial Treatment Questions and Answers

HydraFacial offers a new experience to the mainstream facial services. Feel the difference that Remedy MedSpa offers with our HydraFacial treatment. Contact us today. For more information call us or request an appointment online.

HydraFacial Treatment Near Me in Nashua, NH
HydraFacial Treatment Near Me in Nashua, NH

What is a HydraFacial treatment?

HydraFacial is a new sought-after facial treatment using a patented device to deliver exfoliation, cleansing, extraction and hydration within one treatment to the face. This new invigorating system uses a vortex swirling technique to deliver hydration and remove dead skin dirt, debris and any impurities while cleaning and soothing your skin.

HydraFacial offers 4 facial treatments in one, as it cleanses then exfoliates with a gentle chemical peel, then uses a vacuum suction extraction method and finishes with a hydrating serum. These steps were created to deliver a facial treatment like no other applying different effects depending on your skin type, the HydraFacial provides consistent results that can be used on all skin types.

How does a HydraFacial work?

HydraFacial treatments take around 30-45 minutes to complete. During your appointment you will go through 4 phases, they include:

  1. Cleansing and Exfoliation

First step is to clean and exfoliate the face with our HydraFacial cleansing vortex and hydra peel tip, this wand will gently cleanse and exfoliate the skin removing any dead skin cells and sebum.

  1. Chemical Peel

The second step will use a different wand tip, and the device will offer a gentle chemical peel. This mix of salicylic and glycolic acids will provide a non-irritating gentle yet effective chemical peel.

  1. Extraction

In the third step, the device’s tip will change and provide a powerful but painless vortex vacuum suction to remove any blackheads and other impurities from your pores.

  1. Hydrating Serum

Finally, the fourth step the final wand will be applied to provide a soothing antioxidative and hydrating serum that includes peptides and other beneficial nutrients that will work wonders for your skin by detoxifying, rejuvenating and hydrating.

What is a HydraFacial good for?  

Unlike traditional facial methods, HydraFacial offers your skin a gentle cleansing and rejuvenating experience that you may have never had previously without any of the pain during or after the treatment.

The treatment itself is a great option for people with a wide variety of skin concerns that they want addressed, from different ages, giving your skin many added benefits.

Some of the many benefits that a HydraFacial offers includes:

  • Works on all skin types and for all ages

Whether you have more sensitive skin or some acne, it could be dry or even oily, aging skin or younger skin, the HydraFacial system will work for you.

  • Consistent
  • No downtime required
  • Immediate results shown

How often can I get a HydraFacial? 

Each individual will be offered a different recommendation based on their skin type, as well as the issues your skin faces. However, with that being said, we normally recommend clients who previously have never had a facial or other hydra-care facial routines done in the past to start with 2-4 HydraFacial treatments per month for the first three months. This is to establish a baseline routine for your facial skin health. Once you have a baseline in place, you will be able to move onto a once-a-month appointment treatment routine.

During your routine treatments, if you end up missing a treatment or having issues where you are noticing more problems occurring, talk to your specialist about this, so we are able to change up your routine to better help your face get back to being clear, healthy and happy. Remedy Medspa wants you to look and feel your nest, which is why our medical spa offers services such as HydraFacial as well as other treatment options.

Contact Remedy Med Spa today to book your HydraFacial appointment or simply book an appointment online. Remedy is located at 1 Cotton Rd, Unit 2, Nashua NH 03063. We are available by appointment only Tuesday to Friday from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM and Saturday from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. We serve patients from Nashua NH, Merrimack NH, Hollis NH, Litchfield NH, Amherst NH, Hudson NH, Milford NH, Windham NH, Londonderry NH, and Brookline NH.